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I’ve long wanted a few more pattern options on my Lervad no. 9 – not as much since I got the Glimåkra, but still. 8 shafts would require a lot of remodelling (for instance I would have loved to extend all the lamms), so I settled for 6. That means I can work with supplemental warps in designs, at least 3 variations of waffle weave, turned 2/1 twill blocks just to mention a few of the ideas I’ve had over the years.

It’s not pretty, as I used what I had in some instances, but it works. Tie-ups are a mish mash of methods, also quite easy to handle. They could be changed to match in case of a sale, or I could return it to the original 4 shaft version, as I’ve kept the parts we replaced.

This is one of the ways I choose colours if I can’t decide, a quick snap and convert to b/w to check how the values match. To see a pattern, two colours should have different light values. For instance the two oranges are not very far apart even though they appear to be so in colour (making it harder for me to make a decision actually)

First up will be waffle weave towels. Our light blue kitchen hand towels have reached a state where they look grotty fresh out of the washing machine, so I’ll go for darker shades. I only have 16/2 cotton which is really more suited for dish towels, but I hope the waffles will beef them up enough. (normally hand towels here are terrycloth, not flat fabric) Some day I’ll try a whole range of linens, cottolin, yarn weights etc. but now is not the time to go shopping.

I’ve chosen a 5 shaft version and a 6 shaft variation of my own, for bath towels I’d try 8, but we don’t need any right now.

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