Artist statement

I’m a self-taught painter and photographer working out of my hayloft studio in the Danish countryside.

I mainly use acrylics on canvas, panels, and handmade paper. Often I begin with a textured ground using various materials and tools, then add many layers of transparent paint. This lets the entire history of the painting show through and achieves deep, glowing colours. A little scientist at the back of my brain is forever experimenting and learning, most recently diving into the world of wax painting.

Most of my images are semi-abstract, spontaneous, imaginary landscape paintings, sometimes mixed with photography or found objects. Inspiration is nature and travels, dreamscapes conjured up when reading a good book, as well as my interest in animals, gardening and weaving. It’s essential for me to live in a place where I can see the horizon! Unless it’s a forest, which would make me very happy too. The textures of bark, rocks, and other natural elements always catch my eye and speak in a way that modern shiny objects never manage to.

I gravitate towards strong colours, but often work in batches of more limited palettes reflecting the seasons, a theme, or simply my daily mood.

Although I also have a background in various computer related jobs, it appears that working with my hands is necessary to keep my imagination and brain alive; and so my focus keeps returning to creative endeavours. I’m fortunate to live in this quiet place, planting trees and letting the grass grow to accommodate wildlife such as bees, deer and fowl, not to mention plant diversity. Feeling the flow of four seasons slows me down in this crowded, modern world of industry, pollution and electronic gadgets (as much as I do enjoy my online life too)

All images are my original work unless otherwise stated. Please do not use or copy them without asking, as well as crediting and providing a link to my blog. Pinning is fine too under those conditions. Thank you!








I do most of my work in the little STUDIO built in the hayloft of our horse stable. If I could fit my office and a bathroom in there I’d probably never come home!