Studio project 12

I realized that while I’ve shown glimpses from my room after finishing, I never officially wrote the last post of our building project. I’m still waiting for one set of shelves for books and weaving gear, but that requires a remodelling of G’s office, so I’ll count that as improvement rather than part of the…Continue reading Studio project 12

More chaos (studio project 11)

Just as the studio was all lovely and tidy with space to work in, things have been thrown into disarray and corners stacked high with stuff. And it’s because because because: So now I have to figure out what to do with this Expedit bookcase, looks like it needs to go back in the house.…Continue reading More chaos (studio project 11)

Same procedure (studio project 10)

.. as last Sunday. Collect, carry, climb, cache. The house looks just as cluttered as always, so it seems incredible that all this other stuff was ever in here. I dare not imagine a scenario where I’d have to put it all back. Big loom is still tied up in the old room with no…Continue reading Same procedure (studio project 10)

Chaos into order (studio project 9)

Moving is not just the process of carrying things from one place to the other, I’d forgotten about that, since this is the house I’ve lived in the longest, ever. Sorting, putting onto shelves, planning, carrying things back down again because you need them right now. So it’ll be a little while or longer before…Continue reading Chaos into order (studio project 9)

Studio project 8

Almost done, one more wall to paint and I can move in – my arms will only do one at a time, and they need 3 layers. I wanted to take pics before filling the place up with junk though, so I thought I might as well show a little panorama. The “bridge” has been…Continue reading Studio project 8