Studio project 7

A little bit of progress since my last images 2 months ago. I was hoping to have made the first storage shelf this weekend, which is why I’d painted one end, but since it turns out that I’m not strong enough to paint a whole room in one session or even a quarter of it,…Continue reading Studio project 7

Studio project 6

I’ve got the power! There is of course still only 7 hours of daylight today, but now I can get lamps. And also, I’ve cheated and painted a corner of the room ahead of time. Moved some stuff upstairs. Lookee:

Studio project 5

Long time no see – but we’re finally getting somewhere compared to my last update. Sept. 12th the last windows went up, in between rains. In the meantime I’ve been slowly putting up insulation, plastic, boards and lately some of the drywall. This room is going to shine compared to the darkness of before! (and…Continue reading Studio project 5

Studio project 4

All building has been suspended while waiting for weather and help installing the skylights, as well as resting my back after multiple treatments to help with the nerve pain in my leg. (what looks like windows in my previous photos are just semitransparent roof plates) Roof plates have to be removed and cut, so it…Continue reading Studio project 4

Studio project 3

Ready for electrician to distribute wires in the 3 new wall skeletons, then we can begin putting up insulation and plaster boards up to where the windows go in. = no more hay dust or risk of cat pee (not my cats, the occasional stray) in this section of the loft when that and the…Continue reading Studio project 3