Studio project 8

Almost done, one more wall to paint and I can move in – my arms will only do one at a time, and they need 3 layers. I wanted to take pics before filling the place up with junk though, so I thought I might as well show a little panorama.


The “bridge” has been turned into “balconies” at each end.

Last installment of this series and more photos will happen when I’ve made myself comfortable. Getting stuff up there may take a while, though, and first I need to find a vaccuum cleaner that really sucks.



22 thoughts on “Studio project 8

  1. Åh, Wow hvor ser det skønt ud. En ordentlig støvsugning, et theselskab til at fejre og så … indflytning i små portioner med de værdigst trængende først. Jeg ønsker dig megen nydning og kun få ømme muskler.

    1. Efter en weekendpause tager jeg hul på den sidste væg i dag, når altså autohjælpen har hentet min lille bil. Rattet satte sig fast da jeg var ude at køre i lørdags, det var en interessant oplevelse…

    1. 😀 Just needs a bit of colour! I’m going to dig out some of my blue bottles today which I haven’t seen since we had skylights last, in our old flat. Cats and glass decorations don’t mix well.

    1. It’s looking a bit bleak right now and there’s almost an echo in there. I’m hoping colourful chains of yarn will change that…

  2. Wow, this looks great. Had a look at your other posts about this project, really impressive this transformation. I guess you are a bit of a perfectionist, am I right. Everything looks very neat and beautiful like the things you create. Good luck and lots of fun with your work in there.

    1. First, thank you! My next response was “oh but you can’t see all the wonky bits this far away, I’ve made so many unprofessional shortcuts and allowances”. But then I had a good think about why a little old dumpy lady even expects to be able to pull off a pro building job anyway… so I guess you’re right, LOL, complete overachiever.

  3. Everyone has already said it, but I’m going to say it too: wow, what a space !! 🙂 You’re going to have such an inspiring time there!

    1. I have high hopes. I also can’t wait to declutter the house… it’ll be totally maintenance free, right? right?

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