Inspirations 9


I don’t do a lot of websurfing these days, but here’s a few links to entertain you. And because I’m lazy, I always welcome handy links to other awesome artists (or just plain awesomeness) in the comment section. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend – right now I need to get up or be faced with 2 hours of chair duty with Arthur. Either that or feed him, which is not going to happen. So I think I’ll grab one of my pills and go look at those windows I was ranting about the other day. Maybe even finish them?

Textile art using found objects – Amy Meissner

Very interesting basketry – Deborah Muhl

Cutest felt animals ever – Katerina Kozubenko

The downside of fast fashion

Whimsical dolls (figurines?)

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6 thoughts on “Inspirations 9

    1. De er også gode! Beklager dit besvær med at kommentere i dag, jeg havde glemt at mit spamfilter er sat til at jeg først godkender kommentarer med links før de bliver vist, og jeg var jo lige en tur på loftet.

      1. Tak for forklaring, det er ikke altid en sammensværgelse 😉 Modevideoen er da barsk, men sandheden er jo ikke altid hyggelig.

  1. I love those felted dolls! So cute! And the trailer for The True Cost made me cry. This is going to be a very important documentary, and one that I hope people pay attention to.

    Have you ever seen the handmade porcelain dolls by Marina Bychkova? Absolutely breathtaking.

    1. Very talented, thanks for the link.

      I watched the True Cost on Netflix , it’s information everybody should have imho.

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