Loom extension

I’ve long wanted a few more pattern options on my Lervad no. 9 – not as much since I got the Glimåkra, but still. 8 shafts would require a lot of remodelling (for instance I would have loved to extend all the lamms), so I settled for 6. That means I can work with supplemental warps in designs, at least 3 variations of waffle weave, turned 2/1 twill blocks just to mention a few of the ideas I’ve had over the years.

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Warped stretcher bars


Normally they say that if a canvas won’t hang flat against the wall and wedges don’t solve the problem, restretch. If the frame itself is warped, get another.

So what do you do if you are “poor” and kept a large bundle of previously used bars in your barn for better times, and, when assembled anew, some of them warp? Continue reading “Warped stretcher bars”

A score and a start

Thrift shop find: Hand mangle. Lacking its roller, as they often do, because people have used them for wall decorations. So I need to find a longish dowel or pipe at least 5 cm (2″) in diameter to be able to try it out, but for a couple of bucks I thought I just had to get it. And a horse! I don’t know if it’s old or just a copy either, but it’s the first time I see one out of a museum.


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DIY wool picker

While chugging away at my suffolk/dorset roving, I was thinking of the many plant dyed kilos of ditto upstairs, which has to be fluffed and handpicked to loosen most of the tiny plant particles embedded, before it can be carded into batts/rolags. And decided I needed help with that. If you don’t make that effort, the VM just stays in there or on the drumcarder, forever polluting the next fibers and the next.


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Anything new?


Well, I singlehandedly (why am I so stubbornly insisting on wrecking myself?) dismembered our couch, flipped the two sides again since we haven’t yet found a new one with two short ends, and rearranged things to accomodate the tapestry loom, which was rendered useless in the loom room after the beast moved in. My painting station is now a bit less attractive than before, but since the living room is my stoodio more than anything else, it’ll never be pretty anyway. Mind you, before I started attempting to paint again, and spinning, only the dogs ever used the room and the sofa.

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