Breaking the new loom, the reign of cold and dark, possibly my back!

This is what my fix for not having a second warp beam looks like (the clamps are temporary – I broke the cordless drill. They’re all my personal clamps btw, the big iron ones I inherited from my grandad).

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A year of weaving

bluecowl4One year ago I aquired my first rigid heddle loom. Just to sate my curiosity, much like 3 years earlier when I made my own drop spindle to investigate whether one could really make yarn on a stick. Nothing serious like, just testing, yeah? And although I upgraded the stick to a spinning wheel three months later, I was pretty certain this loom would last me for a long time, getting my variation from colour play mostly. After all, I do still have the same and only wheel with no wish to upgrade, it does what I want.

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It tastes like bird,

…said the hag as she cooked soup from a twig where the crow had sat.

As my regular readers are aware, I spend a lot of time optimizing my environment aka house to minimize obstacles to my hobbies, such as rearranging stuff to free up floor space and storage, and building missing equipment. In fact that’s just as fun and creative as painting a picture in some ways….

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Loom room

With OLAD* having struck and myself always ranting about the tiny house we live in, perhaps some are wondering how those two things add up? Well, they don’t quite, but it’s a work in progress.

I have a knack for rearranging stuff and thereby generating more space simply by reshuffling (and a bit of weeding and stacking). This time it’s a light overhaul of our small spare room which has so far been used for a guest bed, my crosstrainer and storage, in winter also to dry clothes out of the way.

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Loom boom

I never published a post about the tapestry looms that I was making, things got in the way of finishing them and when that happens life has a way of moving on to the next project regardless. In fact I still have one thing to do to finish my large tapestry frame! And the medium one (being warped on the red table cloth below) will be ditched or remodelled after I finish the project on it.

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