Breaking the new loom, the reign of cold and dark, possibly my back!

This is what my fix for not having a second warp beam looks like (the clamps are temporary – I broke the cordless drill. They’re all my personal clamps btw, the big iron ones I inherited from my grandad).

I couldn’t back into the corner any further, you’ll have to imagine bundles of yarn being held down by the blue, hanging clamps:

loomfix02 loomfix01

If I decide to keep the beast, I get to ponder whether I want to treat myself to a real extra beam, or possibly get a cap on that big molar which has been repaired umpteen times for at least 20 years. What do you think? You can guess where I’ve put my bargaining chips in the past, but I am passing into repair age, there’s no denying that anymore. The beam comes out just a tad cheaper than the tooth! So it’s a competition between getting what I already technically have, or something new.

I’m having another go at that resolution “get outside for some light and air every day”. It’s been harder to remember since Molly died but now that spring is springing it should be easier. Didn’t make it before sunset today, but here’s last minute proof!


I’m dutifully doing the pitiful (as in surprisingly hard) exercises I got from my new physiotherapist. Can’t really feel any difference yet, so in a fit of spite I’ve been mucking my horse boxes AND driving the wheel barrow two days in a row. It was all good and fine to rest when it was the work that gave me pain, but since I’m now living with it no matter what, I may as well get some bang for my buck? Besides, if I manage to catch up on some chores, perhaps I get to go sit on that pony too, the air is becoming mild enough that I don’t blow my eardrums. So it would be pretty awesome if I could schedule my fatigue for when it’s raining, like. Please. Not how it usually works, but hope sometimes springs too.


9 thoughts on “Breaking

  1. The loom looks so complex. It looks to the baffled, uninitiated eye that the clamp and wood is doing the job. I’d say go for the tooth. If you decide to keep the loom, you could use screws instead of clamps, perhaps? Maybe a new drill is cheaper or one could be borrowed, if it is a small task. As I said, I am the uninitiated.

    1. The neighbour has a lovely cordless drill that I covet, but a girl has to have her own tools! So yeah, I’ll use screws at some point. Need to find one that’s not too heavy, some of them have a lousy balance.

  2. Three things: 1) the back beam of my loom can almost compete with yours at the moment. A design decision, new stripes for every new scarf.
    2) your photos of spring at its very newest are lovely, and….
    3) I have no idea of your obviously manyfacetted ailments and often have no idea what you are talking about.

    1. LOL, I’m not sure what’s going on with my body either, except that it hurts all over, all of the time.

      I’ve had a few nasty falls from bucking horses over the years, which probably contributes to the overall falling-apartness.

  3. I have used small clamps to add a bit of height to my warp beam to fix a warp tensioning problem before. Whatever works, I say. Good on you for your innovative solution.

  4. Køb dig en ny boremaskine og få tanden trukket ud, så er vi i samme båd 🙂 Jeg fik trukket min tand ud sidste fredag, og i morgen køber jeg en ny akku-boremaskine til erstatning for den, jeg har slidt op. Værktøj er vigtigere end tænder. Men ryggen skal helst også holde.

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