Took me some time getting the beast ready. It’s much too large for me (I knew that but was determined to be proven wrong), but at least I’m weaving. And if I manage to finish this cloth I can at least play some with more complicated designs until I figure out what to do about the problem. (I’m like a 10 yo trying to drive a truck)


P.S. I need a second warp beam for all those extra warp threads I add as an afterthought, it’s becoming a habit. But of course I can’t have it unless I prove that I’ll be keeping the loom!


18 thoughts on “Finally

    1. It’s a bit too thin and scratchy, not big enough either, but perhaps cushion covers? I have two more cones in different greys + a “white”, so I could do a bit of a series perhaps?

      1. Well, it looks beautiful to me. The glory of wool and fiber! is it yarn you spun or commercially spun yarn? Funny thing, I am always drawn to those old breeds of wool……many of which tend to be a bit scratchy. I appreciate the longevity of these wools, and always feel a bit hardy when I knit them into garments that really hold up to all the outdoor cold, windy, and harsh treatment of Maine’s winter and farming. Keep us posted on what these turn into! Beautiful work!

  1. Dejlige farver og flot, flot mønster.
    Har du brug for stylter, længere arme eller begge dele?

    1. Lidt af hvert, bare 10 cm mere i højden ville gøre underværker. Men jeg har sÃ¥ endda ekstra korte arme i forhold til min højde, opdagede jeg, da jeg ville lave yogaøvelser som indebærer at man sidder pÃ¥ gulvet og stemmer opad med hÃ¥ndfladerne. Jeg er nødt til at have en stak bøger under….

      Det er lykkedes mig at nå pedalerne ved at binde dem ekstra højt op, men det giver så lidt problemer hvis jeg en dag vil bruge alle 10 pga pinde der så rammer mod hinanden hvor de ikke skal!

  2. Ha – “I’m like a 10 year old trying to drive a truck” – love it. I’m at the stage with mine where I can’t quite reach the pedals yet!

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