Colour survey


I came upon 4 cones of chenille some time ago and the colour just never made me happy. I simply wanted to know if anything interesting could be made with this type of yarn. Anyway, I decided to get some fiber reactive dyes and see if I could change my aversion. Continue reading “Colour survey”

Show and Tell Week: Combining elements

This is one of the first pieces I wove on my rigid heddle loom, using handdyed sock yarn. Originally intended as a summer top (for cool days) or vest, I never got past the sewing stage although I’d tried it on once. And to be honest, it was a bit too narrow even 18 months ago when I was slimmer (seems like it was years and years ago that I started weaving!). As you can see I’d even cut a bit off the length to add to the sides, but nah! I took it apart and let it simmer.


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Took me some time getting the beast ready. It’s much too large for me (I knew that but was determined to be proven wrong), but at least I’m weaving. And if I manage to finish this cloth I can at least play some with more complicated designs until I figure out what to do about the problem. (I’m like a 10 yo trying to drive a truck)


P.S. I need a second warp beam for all those extra warp threads I add as an afterthought, it’s becoming a habit. But of course I can’t have it unless I prove that I’ll be keeping the loom!


Winter set

All done and ready to gift. I have a bit of warp left over and intend to play with various combinations. You can’t change the threading sequence without cutting off the warp ends and pull them off the shafts, which uses a lot of yarn AND time, but I’m planning on hoping to making a warp sometime for just that purpose and weave little samples of all sorts of patterns.

dadscarf04 dadscarf03 dadscarf02

Yarn prize

Last month I won a little raffle we’re having in the Ravelry tapestry group. Not that I’ve been able to work on my diary, but apparently I’m still in. The prize was a gift certificate for Webs, which of course, being in the US, makes it difficult for me to shop because of postage and the threat of import taxes. So I blinded myself to all the lovely stuff at and just picked ONE skein of something I don’t see here as well as weaving bobbins in a size I haven’t been able to find for my largest boat shuttle.


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