Loom boom

I never published a post about the tapestry looms that I was making, things got in the way of finishing them and when that happens life has a way of moving on to the next project regardless. In fact I still have one thing to do to finish my large tapestry frame! And the medium one (being warped on the red table cloth below) will be ditched or remodelled after I finish the project on it.

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What’s in the bag?


My friend Nina happened to pass by this alpaca being shorn a few weeks ago, and clever her asked what they did with it. So here’s one side for me and the other side went to another wool craving friend. 🙂

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Winding away

Just a twirly sort of day yesterday. Winding bobbins, shuttles, warp chains and plying. Still have some tapestry bobbins and a stick shuttle to wind, then I’m ready to thread the loom and paint some more! Very colourful blanket coming up.

As I was finishing the muted yarn I finally, after two years of just looking at the fiber, figured out how I would have really liked to spin and ply it! Isn’t that just typical…. Where’s that Ctrl+Z when you need it?

Not really happy with any of these yarns, but now they’re done and that’s how it goes.


During breaks I get to play with this:byld

Big brown pony is recovering from a monster abscess in his left hind hoof. Very ouchy, swelly and gooey. I’ll spare you the sight.

Another splurge

Did a real live yarn shopping trip to the village to see if they had a bargain I could use for felted cat beds. So I ended up with this lot too, for another of those sweater dresses I like to use around the house in winter. I was actually looking for something neutral, but there wasn’t any just right in the perfect fiber and thickness. I didn’t want anything with tiny needles to take me 4 years of knitting!


And in the 2 kr. ($0.37 / €0.27 / £ 0.22) button tray I found these, which I think could become tapestry bobbins when glued to a dowel.


Last, but not least, I bought this really silly yarn for some kind of trim or Saori weaving. Or whatever. You know, the colour thing. Texture.