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Collection of information about using stinging nettles as spinning fiber for making yarn.

nettle6I’ve found several different methods of processing which I’ll outline here asap, you are welcome to share other methods in the comments here or in the relevant blog posts as they appear. As well as your results of course, preferably with a link to your own website/blog/Flickr whatever.

Last updated August 14th 2017

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Books (which I haven’t read yet)

Bernard Bertrand “Les Secrets de l’Ortie”
Gillian Edom “From Sting to Spin”
Birte Ford “Nettle Craft”
John-Paul Flintoff “Through the eye of a needle”
Piers Warren “101 Uses for Stinging Nettles”
Nælder og Nældetøj af  Margrethe Hald – I’ll be making a summary of this one – very interesting


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Articles, new and (very) old

Väv magasinet 2/16


Production and processing of organically grown fiber nettle

Plant fiber processing in the past

FIBRA – Fibre Crops as sustainable source of biobased material


Commercial nettle yarns (på dansk)