Took me some time getting the beast ready. It’s much too large for me (I knew that but was determined to be proven wrong), but at least I’m weaving. And if I manage to finish this cloth I can at least play some with more complicated designs until I figure out what to do about the problem. (I’m like a 10 yo trying to drive a truck)


P.S. I need a second warp beam for all those extra warp threads I add as an afterthought, it’s becoming a habit. But of course I can’t have it unless I prove that I’ll be keeping the loom!


Winter set

All done and ready to gift. I have a bit of warp left over and intend to play with various combinations. You can’t change the threading sequence without cutting off the warp ends and pull them off the shafts, which uses a lot of yarn AND time, but I’m planning on hoping to making a warp sometime for just that purpose and weave little samples of all sorts of patterns.

dadscarf04 dadscarf03 dadscarf02

Some yarny updates

Just a little collection of things I’ve been fiddling with since December, while running on half my usual steam. Just simple stuff, not very innovative but still making and learning, to help me keep up my spirits. I find this to be the best tactic for me, if I can’t unmuddle my concentration / imagination I can practise technical stuff or get some of the “administrative” tasks done (making a catalogue of my e-books and weaving videos so that I actually use them, for instance). I just don’t do well with staring at the ceiling for weeks, and I refuse to watch tv!

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Perhaps winter


First winter day, and a promise of, but not quite real frost at least in this garden. It’s possible that I simply got out of bed too late, though! Uglemor has taken care of that bit of December greeting for me. 😉

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