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With OLAD* having struck and myself always ranting about the tiny house we live in, perhaps some are wondering how those two things add up? Well, they don’t quite, but it’s a work in progress.

I have a knack for rearranging stuff and thereby generating more space simply by reshuffling (and a bit of weeding and stacking). This time it’s a light overhaul of our small spare room which has so far been used for a guest bed, my crosstrainer and storage, in winter also to dry clothes out of the way.

The weeding consisted of either removing to the garage or throwing away old computer parts and 20 yo ditto manuals. In this house old, replaced computers and harddrives don’t get thrown away just in case (I don’t know which case, but having such a large yarn and fiber stash I feel I can’t complain all that much about it. Just once in a blue moon, you know?) Last winter I couldn’t even get into the room, seriously. And once there is clutter it breeds, because if there’s no space you just toss the next thing on top of the pile.

Nearly done decluttering floor.
Nearly done decluttering floor. I need another chair for this loom.

Now shelves are pushed to the narrow end of the room, leaving a space just wide enough for the floor loom. Then I bought the tapestry loom which kinda ruined the whole arrangement with the sewing machine by the couch, but provided the corridor doesn’t get filled with junk again I can roll it and the trainer aside along the shelves for using the tapestry loom. It does have to be stored backside out because it has really large feet, but it’s not very heavy. Alternative was the stable at the risk of contracting mildew and most definitely too dusty to use.

As an added bonus I moved the whiteboard from the stable where I don’t use it anymore and built a warping board around it. You can just pass it by without hitting the pegs, again provided the corridor floor stays clear…. 😉 I really should move the crosstrainer, but I also need to maintain the illusion that I’ll somehow be able to fit some light exercise into my winter schedule.

Even if I scrunch up in the corner behind the floor loom, the wideangle still can't show the whole room.
Even if I scrunch up in the corner behind the floor loom, the wideangle still can’t show the whole room.


*OLAD: Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder

11 thoughts on “Loom room

  1. Vi må da lave en OLAD-anonymous. Jeg lider vist af det samme. hele 4 rammevæve, deter vel lidt i overkanten 😉 Og ja, skrammel formerer sig. Jeg kan slet ikke komme ind i mit projektrum lige nu. Seriøs oprydning truer, når markesdsæsonen er slut i september. Dit rum ser dejligt ud, alle de der plastikkasser langs væggen ser praktiske ud. Gamle computere bare i tilfælde af. Jo vi har vist også de tre sidste modeller stående. Måske kan man transplantere WP51 fra en af dem ..

  2. Don’t you love a room beautifully organized and ready for you to work in. Or rather play in. The lack of clutter and being able to move around means your brain has space to create freely.
    I have a treadle sewing machine also…..doesn’t that qualify as light exersizes?

    1. Yes, it really feels great when you’ve given everything an overhaul and it’s all sorted for a little while! 😉

  3. This really puts me to shame, I must get more organised. My floor loom lives in our day-room where there is lots of lovely daylight to work by, but my yarns are stashed here, there and everywhere – wherever I can find a space – we live in a perpetual clutter (old computers, printers etc. included – like you, just in case!). Everything has to be shifted from place to place when we have visitors to stay!

    1. I tidy up, but I’ve given up shifting things around for anybody. The living room is also our only room with good light and enough size to work in, so I have all my painting gear and spinning wheel in there + dinner table drawn out to max with a plastic cloth to serve as a work table. I store items on most of the walls. In the kitchen I have one end for office, library and more storage, although I’m running out of books I want to chuck to make room for new ones, so I have to think up a solution. There are dye stuffs and paraphernalia all over the place…. But I’m fortunate that I don’t get any complaints!

  4. Well, that looks amazing! You’ve certainly got some organizational skills, maybe you could do a post with tips? I’m always looking for new ideas on organizing art supplies, which I have to admit I’m horrible at. And my dad totally does the same thing with computer stuff. It used to drive my crazy when I lived there, because I totally know the fate of those items, and it involves a junk yard rather than an antique road show, especially because he keeps them in a non-weatherproof shed. Like, they’re probably filled with lizard eggs and worms right now. And now that the American Pickers have infiltrated our culture– a show about guys who rummage through junk sales then make profit on gems– my dad now has exhibited “picking”– as in, getting stuff from the sides of roads, yard sales, and junk yards that look old and creepy. I would feel bad for my mom if she didn’t do the same thing in her own way (i.e. not throwing out our baby toys for grandchildren, I mean, yucky looking stuff that I am NOT letting my kids play with) etc etc. Wow this is getting long. Just, well done on that. I love organization since it’s the opposite of what I grew up with.

    1. Your parents sound pretty bad! All my family are neat freaks, not obsessive, but even as a preschooler my brother tidied his room! Mine looked like the bombing of Dresden. It’s kinda funny that I can be super structured AND messy – but not at the same time, it’s like two separate programs that I can run one at a time. I can’t cook and clean the kitchen during the process, I can’t work on my creative stuff and put it all away after each session. G simply doesn’t see clutter, which irks even me. But I don’t want to be his mum.

      So I go through these monster sessions one room at a time where I get everything sorted and it’s all fantastic for a while. And then my batteries run flat and I just want playtime, so I never get the whole house in one go. 😉

  5. This looks quite manageable – unless you were to have a guest! For the unthrowable-away books – you mentioned there might be space in the mildewy stable for the loom. And I see plastic containers there. Perhaps books could be weather protected from the mildew out in the stable? 🙂

    1. The bed can still be unfolded if I roll away the xtrainer, but obviously it’s not a pretty “hotel room”. We don’t have that many sleepovers and they’re not royal or anything.

      I have considered the stable for “something”, perhaps not books as I like to keep the ones that are left at hand to browse. It’s not really mildewy out there, but the doors are open all year and it’s a humid climate. Probably I could store my yarn and fiber in bins out there with no problem. Right now I’m planning to make a dye station out there, the pots are really cluttering my tiny office!

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