Cushion survey


As an addendum to my weaving and clothing plans I have questions for all of you:

Which size cushions do you like and why?

Which closure do you prefer?

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If *I* can’t get handwoven cushions from my fabrics, perhaps somebody else would like to! Because there are bound to be leftovers, and I could certainly use some pocket money.

Loom extension

I’ve long wanted a few more pattern options on my Lervad no. 9 – not as much since I got the Glimåkra, but still. 8 shafts would require a lot of remodelling (for instance I would have loved to extend all the lamms), so I settled for 6. That means I can work with supplemental warps in designs, at least 3 variations of waffle weave, turned 2/1 twill blocks just to mention a few of the ideas I’ve had over the years.

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Dreams don’t work unless you do.


Hello everybody! *waving to the empty theater* I feel it’s time to revive this photo blog because I sometimes have too much content for my craft blog. But phew, such a thing can be a piece of work! The quotes. I mean, I love them, but gag, my life is too short to actively search them out every blipping day. So, new rule, no more quotes unless I happen to sit on a few.

Then there’s the THEME thing. Just about all the new gallery showy offy ones rely on “Featured image” which I don’t have on any of my posts, because come on, there’s been one image to one post so far. Or they are Portfolio driven, something which didn’t even exist last time I checked in here. So does one go ahead and change 200+ old blog posts to make them look all shiny and pretty?

Actually I want to change everything completely, galleries with more images to a post, paintings and what other flat imagery I can think of. Yes, I Instagram too for the time being and would love for you to visit, but really, the wordy portion is horrible to work with as well as keep track of. Which perhaps you’re not really supposed to what with the insta-concept.

So if you do show up, expect a bit of ongoing maintenance, please excuse the mess.

Anybody out there?