Hard work, even less talk.

Spinning chunky yarn on my Elizabeth has proven quite an ordeal, since I can’t get the ratio low enough and still make the wheel wind on the yarn, but my back is ready to give it another go for my little rug test project. And if the future I’ll have to figure that issue into yarn designs.

If you’ve followed my rants over repetitive pain issues, you’ve also seen me mention chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. My joints and muscles have taken a turn for the worse the last couple of years, 2016 especially, and that obviously makes me tired in itself; but I’m actually experiencing fewer zombie episodes overall. So combined with the fact that I’ve gone from a BMI of 23 to nearly 30 in just 3 years, I’ll now be trying to do the exercise thing as much as possible, counting the following exhaustion and extra pains as part of my programme. I think this is probably why I’m having a harder time getting back to my studio recently. Could be. It’s as if my entire body is one huge inflammation some days, but that is so even if I sit completely still, so whatever.

I’m going to give it a few months to see what happens and basically view that one thing as my daytime job. Because either I pull through becoming able to do some sort of real job, or I have “documentation” that my physical aspect does indeed not function normally. Because middle aged little ladies going to the doctors claiming they’re getting fat from eating nothing, well, you know how it is, you’ve secretly smirked at those once or twice yourself after glancing into their shopping carts, I know you have! (and if it’s your cart I’m talking about: I don’t actually care what’s in it as long as it makes you happy) Personally I’d enjoy being able to tie my own shoes for the next 30-40 years without holding my breath.

Made this the other day to taunt myself. Another 10 years like this and I've doubled my adult weight!
Made a chart the other day to taunt myself. Another few years like this and I’ll have doubled my adult weight! (from 71 kg I move from the overweight range into obese according to the standards)

It’s a slow beginning, 15 minutes on a cross trainer (G made me new control buttons for it, isn’t that clever?!) or a brisk walk combined with back/tummy exercises. But I’ve actually managed to up the resistance on the machine a bit and doubled some of my walks, so that means I can get a bit of my strength back. I try to manage 5 days a week, but since the workout actually gives me a headache more often than not, I obviously have to skip on migraine days and such. I’ve even resumed my anxiety attacks since I started, which I thought were gone forever or at least only for special occasions. I suffer from the allday type, not the sweaty 15 minute panic variety, so imagine having to be car- or seasick 12 hours a day and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how it feels.ƂĀ  :-p

So there will be no xmas cooking this year either, not that we ever over-indulge. I remember the enormous masses of food served by my grandmother back in the day and wonder how we ever got through it! (And how we didn’t gain half a ton in the process) I don’t believe in starvation diets, but I’ll try to lay off the cookies and chocolate.


Once again I appologize to the new subscribers, if you’re still here, there will eventually be yarn and paints and studio things again. I finally found the sticks I bought to make bigger deckles, so PAPERMAKING will happen!

I’ve also finished adding shafts to my small loom, so waffle weave towels are on the horizon.

12 thoughts on “Hard work, even less talk.

  1. so sorry that you are having such a time of it health-wise – and it is keeping you from things you love. Always interested to read about people’ lives – whether it is crafting or health, or whatever – it is real and what matters to you. So keep it coming, and try to be healthy. šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for listening. I guess I just need to vent once in a while! I also want to somehow hold myself accountable for my intentions and writing it in a personal diary would never work for me.

      1. Social media and blogging is a good way to put out in the world that which you want to stick to. I do it all the time with my crazy to-do lists. šŸ™‚

  2. Cheering you on from this direction, Pia…. I liked that you are considering your health and care as your ‘day job’. Brilliant. So important that we allow ourselves to see that taking care of ourselves as important work…..above all else. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Papermaking! Can’t wait. (I’m not sure about my BMI… (don’t think I’d be brave enough to share it publicly even if I knew the figure), but I’m fighting the same battle… It’s hard, but I know it’s possibe, so lets not give up.)

    1. I’m giving it a few months, even if that’s all I do this winter because it exhausts me no end. And you won’t catch me posting pics of my assorted blobs and welts, I promise! No one ever told me that your arse migrates to the front when you turn middleaged…

      1. Blobs and welts are so personal, so very “ours”, so I agree with the “no pics” policy. Lets hope that we can see some results before summer, so significant that arses would go back to where they shoud be!

  4. I’m glad for you that you are looking at keeping the weight down before it gets to the point that you can’t. Yes, cookies are not good for the barbie-doll figure. But then again in winter, salads aren’t the most fun thing to eat.
    I was thinking of you when I hurt my back last week and my mother reminded me of a back exercise that really helped. She calls it the cat exercise – don’t know if you know of it but it goes like this: get down on all fours, slowly arch your back like a cat and put your head down low. Hold for 5 seconds or so. Slowly then go the other way, dipping your back and putting your head up and back. Hold for 5 seconds or so. Repeat 4 or 5 times. Hope this is useful if you don’t already know it.
    Oh and I love** the purple in that basket of yarn.

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