No work, no talk

paintbanner4My recent back issue is pretty much resolved and back to its normal “slightly sore and stiff”, but of course my other physical issues want their rotational say in the matter, so I haven’t been very active this month. There’s always a transitional process going in the opposite direction too, first you have to get used to not making, against your will, then after intertia sets in you need to figure out how and where to begin again. (and sometimes why?)

With no show and tell I find that I also don’t have much to talk about here. Plenty of time to ponder and solve the big mysteries of life, the universe and everything, but I’m afraid I haven’t been breaking any ground.   😉 At night I keep dreaming about moving to new houses, checking out their rooms to plan which ones are most suitable for setting up a studio, – and dreams featuring kittens. Lots of kittens, and they all seem to need me to take care of them. Whatever that means.

Anyway, I ought to be good for the next 3 weeks, so the question is whether picking a random activity is enough to regain momentum or if I need to make an actual plan. Only one way to find out I guess.

draftseries1So I begin by winding a small warp to test some of the 12 shaft tile patterns I’ve been making on the computer. I also want to see the real live difference when you change the structure of the same pattern and yarn to enlarge a tile, so there will be a lot of rethreading, sleying and not the least changing of treadle ties.

draftseries2Another option is to pick up some of my unfinished experimentals as I call my mini paintings where I try out various random techniques and image ideas. I often get to 90% completion, then something new and shiny grabs my attention.

paintbanner1And lastly I have a drawer full of items that need sewing (except my machine needs to be serviced, isn’t that typical), as well as 50 cm of boring weaving to paddle through before I can wind on my test warp. Spinning is on hold until I find a proper string to use as driveband, since the kittens chewed up the old ones.


Right now I’ll find the garage and drill some holes. Got some sticks a while ago to extend the small loom to 6 shafts, so that’s a nice practical task to finish without committing to being “an artist”.

5 thoughts on “No work, no talk

  1. I understand about inertia and getting going again–I find it difficult, too. I usually ask myself, “what would make me happy to do” and then do that (unless the answer is going back to bed or staring into space!) I love the colors in your small painting!

  2. Golden sentence – “I often get to 90% completion, then something new and shiny grabs my attention.” I’m not sure if I get to the 90% bit, but it might be somewhere in between 70-80%, which is also pretty annoying.

    Well, lets hope everything has its time and that sooner or later all projects will get the tiny bit of attentention that’s needed to bring them up to the whole 100%. K.

    1. I usually get there in a very roundabout way! Finished the weaving, but the sewing will have to wait for my machine to return.

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