When do you share?

It’s common in the art community to share half baked paintings among ourselves and celebrating a new one as soon as it’s done. Cheer each other on, and in the case of those who are already selling (or trying to) it’s important to always have a fresh feed on Instagram for instance. Show up regularly or be forgotten, just as it is with blogging.

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No work, no talk

paintbanner4My recent back issue is pretty much resolved and back to its normal “slightly sore and stiff”, but of course my other physical issues want their rotational say in the matter, so I haven’t been very active this month. There’s always a transitional process going in the opposite direction too, first you have to get used to not making, against your will, then after intertia sets in you need to figure out how and where to begin again. (and sometimes why?) Continue reading “No work, no talk”

Studio project 4

All building has been suspended while waiting for weather and help installing the skylights, as well as resting my back after multiple treatments to help with the nerve pain in my leg. (what looks like windows in my previous photos are just semitransparent roof plates)

Roof plates have to be removed and cut, so it didn’t make sense to put up insulation, and I was beginning to worry we’d have to postpone until spring while I was trapped in the kitchen going bonkers. 😉 (perfect time to get those novels off my chest some would say, but it’s been more than 30 years since I thought I had any in me, so that’s hardly an option although it would have been fun!)

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