April collage

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.” -Danny Gokey (?)


Another month has unfolded and about to run out, with hopes of the next one being gentler for sitting tasks and skinny cold fingers. I’m being flooded with opportunities to practice what I spoke of recently, oiling the door between the brain studio and the public lounge out front. Such as unexpected financial changes looming, a little kitty with patella issues, wacky hormones with the accompanying pains and other bodily distractions. All designed to steer my focus away from “the work”; Godzilla anxiety vs. Wonderwoman calm and joy.

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Another draft was waiting for photos to be posted but it seems that will be for next week instead.

So I’m going to have to think of something else to tell you. I’m waiting for a courier and I can’t hear the van from the loom room or the loft, so I can either knit a sock or sit here. Wish they’d elaborate the tracking with GPS, but it can be anything from now and 7 5 4 hours. (during the while that it took me to finish this post)

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Studio project 4

All building has been suspended while waiting for weather and help installing the skylights, as well as resting my back after multiple treatments to help with the nerve pain in my leg. (what looks like windows in my previous photos are just semitransparent roof plates)

Roof plates have to be removed and cut, so it didn’t make sense to put up insulation, and I was beginning to worry we’d have to postpone until spring while I was trapped in the kitchen going bonkers. 😉 (perfect time to get those novels off my chest some would say, but it’s been more than 30 years since I thought I had any in me, so that’s hardly an option although it would have been fun!)

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What knitting?


I’d almost forgotten, that it’s a thing that I do. In all the weaving frenzy, wips have been sitting hidden and alone in various baskets, no longer interesting. Until I realised, that if we do get summer (which is not a given in years when I have new shorts and skirts) I can’t bring my looms outside. And it’s such a shame to sit inside when you have a garden, isn’t it?

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