Another draft was waiting for photos to be posted but it seems that will be for next week instead.

So I’m going to have to think of something else to tell you. I’m waiting for a courier and I can’t hear the van from the loom room or the loft, so I can either knit a sock or sit here. Wish they’d elaborate the tracking with GPS, but it can be anything from now and 7 5 4 hours. (during the while that it took me to finish this post)

On my reading list this week:

coracleI have a chair again, for which my flesh is grateful. The surface is a cat hair magnet (not my choice), so I covered it with a blanket and consequently have to be very careful when I move: The kittens think it’s a fort!


Speaking of forts, perhaps you can help me solve a puzzle, which is outside my range of knowledge: When I was up in my hayloft the other day, the temperature felt distinctly chillier inside my new room compared to the uninsulated (apart from straw bales) half. That was a bit of a surprise to me. Anyone know why that would be? I’ve test painted a bit of wall to find out how that works at 3° C. I think I had this wild notion that it would be around 10…. We’re having the kind of mild, moist winter that nevertheless makes your bones ache and shiver in a way frost never does, I don’t want to set foot outside AT ALL, just do my rotisserie routine in front of the wood stove. Oh how I’d looooove a woodstove in my stoodio. When it gets proper stairs that is.


A couple of random links to amuse you:

Raven men

Journal quilts


Little knitted purse

Oak sculptures

And now I’ve run out of steam. 😉


9 thoughts on “W51Y15

  1. Tillykke med din nye stol, og med at have vundet prisen for Ã¥rets mest mystifystiske overskrift. Man vinder kun æren 🙂

  2. Our unheated garage is always colder than outside, especially on a winter day. Perhaps has to do with cold bodies inside absorbing heat (example wood pile) and general lack of circulation. You should have a heater!

    1. My house is the same way – stays warmer than outside until the sun comes up, then outside quickly gets warmer than inside. It just means your studio is well insulated and when you get a heater in there, it won’t take much to keep it warm.

      1. I think I figured it out, the insulation releases heat slower, but it also absorbs the outside heat slower. Like a thermos, really. So on a day of no sun there will be no heat radiated in through the glass.

  3. I laughed out loud at the photo of the kitten beneath the blanket. So sweet and funny 🙂 Thank you for sharing a link to my little book.

  4. Oh, those kittens! I sit on mine pretty regularly. I love the link to the journal quilts–I’m very tempted to do something along these lines but don’t really need another project . . .

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