Your blog and you


Uglemor sent me this link earlier, which “analyzes” your blog (first page?). Now, it may be a totally random result that hasn’t even read your page, but it was still fun. The results vary depending on which blog post you get it to “analyze”, but I was surprised each time. Or not, really! I knew I was a doer, I just didn’t think that was an extrovert quality only.

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I turned the electrics off in the bathroom floor, the only heating source we use besides the wood stove. Because we had a couple of really nice days and it’s APRIL, so now I refuse to turn it back on.

But frankly it’s still chilly, stormy, grey and even rainy, so winter activities have not changed in here, no matter how everyone elses juices seem to be rising. (just had a trio of hares fencing right outside this window and of course my camera battery is out for charging since I’ve mislaid the other!)

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I’ve decided to make a Page listing items that I’m on the lookout for, no hurry, just nice to have kind of items. Will be listing it in the menu but thought I’d advertise it a bit too! It’ll be my own little fleamarket, not new things that are on my wishlist but out of print books, 2nd hand supplies etc.

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No images?

Well it looks like my plan to do some photoshopping has come to naught before it even got started…

Today as I went to sit at my computer, having used it all morning, I got an inactive monitor and locked keyboard. Check all connections, reboot. Not a sound from the machine apart from the power fan, no beeps, no harddrive activity, no monitor activation…

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