Another draft was waiting for photos to be posted but it seems that will be for next week instead.

So I’m going to have to think of something else to tell you. I’m waiting for a courier and I can’t hear the van from the loom room or the loft, so I can either knit a sock or sit here. Wish they’d elaborate the tracking with GPS, but it can be anything from now and 7 5 4 hours. (during the while that it took me to finish this post)

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Cat ladies

For various reasons, the lost girls could not remain where they were found, so 10 days ago they were added to our herd. And now I have double the number of cats I was aiming for… They’ve settled in well, feeling safe around any humans they meet apparently.

mulle02 mille02

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Lost girls

Who in their right mind (or heart) would dump such a lovely pair in a random driveway? Luckily not mine or there would have been much discussion whether 6 cats are too many or not…



I get sad when people place such little value on the life of a cat, compared to pet dogs for instance. How can the one creature be more deserving than the other?

Feral cats live miserable lives on all counts. And don’t give me the freedom speach, my well fed, healthy neuters are as free to roam as any, and to curl up warm and safe from weather.

Shame on you, whoever you are.

Spinning again


We’re babysitting our inlaw “pup” since Thursday night, a 1 yo ADHD lab called Balto. Our cats are terrified, Arthur, perhaps needing medical attention to a war wound, won’t come in at all, but I was hoping that keeping the house divided in half would at least prevent any mad chasing. This also means I’ll have to stay in the room with the dog most of the time or he’d bark everyone’s heads off (even more than he does in my face). Morning, noon and in the middle of the night. When he’s not attempting to sleep on my feet. The three younger cats never met Max, they only knew an elderly and very sedate Molly.

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