Lost girls

Who in their right mind (or heart) would dump such a lovely pair in a random driveway? Luckily not mine or there would have been much discussion whether 6 cats are too many or not…



I get sad when people place such little value on the life of a cat, compared to pet dogs for instance. How can the one creature be more deserving than the other?

Feral cats live miserable lives on all counts. And don’t give me the freedom speach, my well fed, healthy neuters are as free to roam as any, and to curl up warm and safe from weather.

Shame on you, whoever you are.

9 thoughts on “Lost girls

  1. they are so wonderful, soft and cute, clever animals. I love cats. I never understood how anybody can do any harm to them.

  2. I agree with you Pia, I don’t know how anyone can just dump animals, especially cats they are so warm and loving, they seem to know just how we feel and respond, so pleased they have found a home, Frances

  3. Unbelievable what people are able to do…….and I use the term “people” very loosely. Bless you for taking those cuties in.

  4. In the past week, we’ve adopted two unwanted cats–a full-grown with a badly infected paw and a kitten—to add to our menagerie. I love them already but so wish humans were more humane . . .

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