Studio project 2

“My eyes are poor. My ears are gnarled. My legs are old and bent.” *

First wall of three has been prepared. I can hardly move or stand upright, but I’ll have to try to fix that later, since my chiro hasn’t been able. Today after a trip to the lumber yard, we’ll begin tackling the other side, tomorrow we get plasterboards and my brother will help lift them up to the loft + the door. Third and final wall skeleton, then electrician will place wires before we insulate. It’s pretty exciting that I can begin to see how big the room will be!


The stable building was most likely a DIY project back in the 60’s, down to the very last detail. Some busybody inspector has been all over the place.


* Misquote from “Life of Brian”

16 thoughts on “Studio project 2

  1. Looking good. We did something similar a few years back, building a room over our flat-roofed garage. Yours looks bigger and more spacious. Hope you get to enjoy it soon.

    1. I don’t think I would have tackled an outer wall project, an inside shell is a bit more managable. Can’t wait to see it done!

  2. Det ser bare godt ud 😀 Jeg er slet ikke misundelig – jo måske lidt over rummet, men ikke over de medfølgende smerter. Jeg håber du har mange hjælpende hænder og at du fryder dig over resultatet.

    1. Det er indtil videre kun hr. Cottage og mig, men det er fint nok, jeg ville ikke kunne kapere det i lyntempo, heller ikke hvis der var for mange klåge kokke omkring projektdelen. Så der bliver både tid til at sidde i haven, skyde lidt osv.

  3. Woo hoo!……so glad to see your studio coming along! I bet you can envision yourself sitting up there at your loom….quiet, no distractions, alone……weaving all of your beautiful things. Glad there will be electrical outlets, there will need to be a place to plug in a teapot! So happy for you, Pia! Studio here still in progress, I am also beginning to see the possibilities as the building takes shape. A long time dream, this is!

    1. I’ve had lots of fantasies about this! We already have a door I can use, it has a small window in it, so I’ve announced I will make a sign with open/ closed to hang in it, to say if I can be disturbed or not!

      Access to the loft is via rickety ladder, so that in itself will discourage visitors, LOL.

      1. Yes, a shut/open sign might just be what I need as well. The doors and windows here have been also scavenged, this week we finish the roof rafters, then the roof. I have always wanted a nook to do my work in….it will be bliss! I wonder if our significant others realize just how long we can hole up in our studios? keep me posted!

  4. This is soooo awesome to see your dream studio taking shape – and being able to create it yourself, in part. Keep doing stretches to keep the body going when will and joy isn’t enough!

    1. The motivation keeps me going, even when my ankles will no longer hold my weight in the evening. Stretches, butt massage! easy cooking, nothing gets done in the garden or house, but if we can pull this off it’s worth it. Making sure I get my sleep and not work around the clock – I know I can push myself to the brink of destruction, so it’s a great lesson in patience not to.

    1. Vores mikrohus er kaos, det bliver så enkelt og let når mine sager er flyttet på loftet. Ingen kartemaskiner i garderoben eller farvegryder under bordet!

    1. Well, they say you can get used to nearly anything. I’m thinking of all the cleaning I’ll no longer have to do in the house because my clutter won’t be in every nook and cranny.

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