Foggy morning season (warm days, cold nights) is coming to an end and it’s just allround chilly. The woodstove AND sometimes the studio space heater are running most of the day, I’m remembering that summer should have been the season for knitting more woolen socks.

I was gifted completely new flooring for the upstairs, much needed as replacement for dingy old carpets. Problem: I now have to paint the walls first or it wouldn’t make any sense. I can’t believe yet again I put myself in a position of less studio time! I do the work in tiny little bits, but much sitting time is required as a result. Room one nearly done, two to go – with much shuffling of stuff in between since hauling everything downstairs on bendy stairs and then living in the piles for weeks would also be exhausting.

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Micro foraging for art supplies

It hasn’t rained here in 3 months and has been unusually hot too, so most blooming things are over and done with if they have even survived. I’m glad I didn’t make a dye garden this year, as the cost of watering would have been massive.

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Pony update

For those of you who kindly inquired about my ailing ponies; so far all is well. Vet spent 3 hours here on Tuesday tending to a number of issues and all that remains now is result of blood test for Cushing’s, and, if everything else heals well, Big Brown Pony ought to spend a day at the clinic having a cracked molar removed. I swear they are like an old married couple mirroring each other, sore footsies, sore teeth, a little local infection the details of which I won’t disgust you with.

I’m still feeling uncomfortable with the fact that they will one day have to leave, despite all rational arguments that keeping farm animals is too much work for my level of physical ability. But for now we muddle on.

Another transition

Today marks the official boundary between summer and autumn, but I was abruptly reminded a few days ago when Leo, as has been his habit of late, woke me up in the middle of the night.

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