Apples, piglet, and a recap

Some of you wondered if you’d missed an entire subject on the blog; clearly you haven’t, I just suddenly didn’t write much about my antics for several years.

I don’t have a full recollection of my timelines even though I do remember what happened. It either feels like “recently” or “many years ago” (or both). But I do sort my photos in year-folders, so it’s fairly easy to go back and check on my own life.

First studio build, various health issues and Instagram seem to be the culprits, I was either busy or incapacitated. And the last three years I’ve just been caught up in all the new stuff that replaced my horsey time; courses and experiments.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that things I was certain I knew about way back since school, always have and assumed the information was still there, suddenly wasn’t when I wanted to pick something up at random. I can tell it’s been there, I’m just not sure of the details anymore. I guess you can fill up your harddrive if you keep learning new things; eventually some old stuff goes, like, how are atoms put together? Luckily it’s mostly stuff that I don’t need which fades and besides, I think they redesigned those atoms since the 1980’s anyway, didn’t they? And there’s Google now, I’ll manage. Anyway, that was off topic. So…

I’ll make an effort from now on to keep you up to speed and share what I learn.

Perhaps many life changes in a short amount of time also creates a sort of sluggishness, a need to catch up to yourself first?

My current (main) collection of interests:

  • Painting in various forms and media
  • (Paper) sculpture; vessels and creatures
  • Yarn – mainly spinning and weaving – although on the back burner right now.

That seems like a really short list, right? If you remember my mind maps from January, it’s a bit more complicated than that, themes and connections and a lot of research in some cases. I often think I should just write about all the things instead of doing them, that might fit a normal daily schedule. But I can’t imagine I’ll ever want to specialize in just one thing, tbh.

I still have a garden and it still interests me, but I just can’t work it alone, so it’s getting rewilded. Deer walk right in and ravage my strawberry plants, a hedgehog owns the last pile of straw in the stable, so I can’t move it out. Last summer I grew 1 hokkaido plant, the pheasant king nipped the rest in the bud. My giant apple tree is slowly dying! I did NOT count on that. I found some old photos of our house online so I’m guestimating it’s 60-70 years old – is that about the limit for fruit trees? (Belle de Boskoop for those interested – excellent for apple sauce, which I rely on heavily in winter with my porridge)

And that’s it for 2021, I’m wishing you all a happy next year and not as it sounds; 2020-too. If you didn’t already, swing by my previous post with photos from my open studio days in November!

5 thoughts on “Apples, piglet, and a recap

  1. Vi har også sådan et gammelt æbletræ, der er lige så gammelt som huset i hvert fald (en gang i 1920erne), men af ukendt sort. Det synger også på sidste vers, så du kan have ret med hensyn til æbletræers holdbared.
    Hvad skete der med den “piglet” du hentyder til i overskriften, eller er det bare min vaccinedøs (vi fik 3. stik i går)?

      1. Tak, den er sød – jo, pindgris = piglet, ganske klart – bare ikke for min omtågede hjerne! Sådan én har vi også ofte besøg af. Den overvintrer på skift i vores kompostbunke (lev livet farligt pga. spader om foråret) eller under naboens halmballer (lev livet farligt pga hunde, katte og æsler) 😉

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