Foggy morning season (warm days, cold nights) is coming to an end and it’s just allround chilly. The woodstove AND sometimes the studio space heater are running most of the day, I’m remembering that summer should have been the season for knitting more woolen socks.

I was gifted completely new flooring for the upstairs, much needed as replacement for dingy old carpets. Problem: I now have to paint the walls first or it wouldn’t make any sense. I can’t believe yet again I put myself in a position of less studio time! I do the work in tiny little bits, but much sitting time is required as a result. Room one nearly done, two to go – with much shuffling of stuff in between since hauling everything downstairs on bendy stairs and then living in the piles for weeks would also be exhausting.

18 thoughts on “October

  1. Beautiful, moody photos. I’m sorry about all the work you’re having to do, though–just chip away at it and be good to yourself.

    1. I’m just amazed how I can’t “just” do something like paint a few walls. A little while ago I could have gotten it done in a day or two with no ill effects.

    1. Det satser jeg på, men det er godt nok hårdt for fysikken – arbejde som jeg for 20 år siden kunne knokle med en hel dag, med den ene hånd på ryggen! 😉 Jeg har så også lige gang i bryggerstømning/omrokering/rengøring, fire små separate rum i stalden, lakere hylder til den nye reol i vaskerummet, omrokering og udbygning af lagerhems i mit værksted fordi, fordi! Gert vil lave en håndvask til mig deroppe med både koldt varmt ind og ud vand. Så der måtte ofres en reol for at få plads. Men jeg render konstant ned og sviner badeværelset for at vaske malerpensler, slæber dunke op af hønsestigen, tømmer spandevis ud af vinduet igen, det er også hårdt og besværligt.

    1. I feel blessed to live in a place where I can throw a long sweater and wellingtons over my pj’s and just waddle around my house/garden to see sights like these!

  2. Sounds like lots of work but it does feel great when you are finished!
    Push on my friend but make some studio time for your painting… that’s what your soul needs!

    1. I think about art projects, but I’m too tired and achy to move. Soon! There will be a break while G clears his office, so probably next week I can get to the studio a bit.

      It’s beginning to look more fresh and modern (I don’t care about modern per se, but dingy is not really a style that I favour either)

  3. Sometimes gifts can be a bit white elephant-ish can’t they?! I’m only too familiar with the having to do things in bits… still, at least you will have an even better space soon.

    1. Going to finish the floor of the small room coming w-e, then take a break until the new year before doing the bedroom. Probably going to take G a while to get his office back in order anyway. Headache and exhaustion is getting the better of me, so I think it’ll be the last time I attempt this kind of handiwork tbh. I’m just used to doing such things like it was nothing special, my brain obviously hasn’t caught up with reality yet. 😉

  4. Pia – the last few months have been so busy. I hope it is only the same for you and in a good way. I occasionally go through my list of followed sites and see who’s dropped off more than three months and unfollow them – unless it’s someone I’m particularly connected with – and you are one of those. What happened? I hope you are OK!

    1. Thanks for asking! I’ve been suffering quite a bit from headaches in the last couple of months after renovating two rooms, and once I get out of the habit of posting it becomes easier and easier not to. Sometimes I post a bit on Instagram.

      I’ll be back eventually, I promise, so don’t go away!

      1. OK – I won’t! I hope the headache’s get better and look forward to reading you again soon. I also had a break in December due to 2 weeks of elder care in an off-network area, so I am also guilty of a brief silence. And being less into instagram I haven’t seen you there.

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