9 thoughts on “Interlude

    1. There are many voices out there – preaching only to the choir I’m afraid. (and yes, Facebook knows what I like even if I never post there)

      1. I think you are right. Some who are not in the choir work with me. Their view of recent events astounds me. It worries me as to what will happen next.

        1. We certainly live in “interesting” times. Many signs in Europe too that makes you think pre-war Germany; what happens in the US echoes and anyone who believes their little corner is safe is an idiot. And power thrives on fear, so it’s a snowball effect. We must keep talking, pointing at every single thing coming out of the woodwork.

          1. I agree! I am beginning to see how Hitler was able to do all he could. Because everyone thought he couldn’t but didn’t stop him, so he did.

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