Winding down

Rainy grey day today, a reminder that soon, soon, I’ll want to stay indoors for days on end, playing rotisserie in front of the wood stove, rushing through and not around the outside of the barn to get to my studio upstairs. Thinking in muted tones and drinking buckets of tea, layering up in wool sweaters and socks.

Only a week ago I was in the hammock on a beautiful warm, quiet day with that certain something in the air that is no longer summer – not the least an unusual gathering of birdies doing acrobatics over the garden. It took me a long while to realize that I had brought my phone for a change and that it does in fact make videos (because forget taking a still photo of the little speedsters).

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Pony update

For those of you who kindly inquired about my ailing ponies; so far all is well. Vet spent 3 hours here on Tuesday tending to a number of issues and all that remains now is result of blood test for Cushing’s, and, if everything else heals well, Big Brown Pony ought to spend a day at the clinic having a cracked molar removed. I swear they are like an old married couple mirroring each other, sore footsies, sore teeth, a little local infection the details of which I won’t disgust you with.

I’m still feeling uncomfortable with the fact that they will one day have to leave, despite all rational arguments that keeping farm animals is too much work for my level of physical ability. But for now we muddle on.