Winding down

Rainy grey day today, a reminder that soon, soon, I’ll want to stay indoors for days on end, playing rotisserie in front of the wood stove, rushing through and not around the outside of the barn to get to my studio upstairs. Thinking in muted tones and drinking buckets of tea, layering up in wool sweaters and socks.

Only a week ago I was in the hammock on a beautiful warm, quiet day with that certain something in the air that is no longer summer – not the least an unusual gathering of birdies doing acrobatics over the garden. It took me a long while to realize that I had brought my phone for a change and that it does in fact make videos (because forget taking a still photo of the little speedsters).

Oh, and those apples taste amazing. I moved this little tree last year and have been watering all through the drought to make sure it didn’t die on me.

Hammock reading material (because soon it will be dismantled and I wanted to make the most of it). Today is another matter with just 14° C, even the cats who I’ve hardly seen all summer are finding their old cozy spots indoors, demanding to share my sofa blanket. (rather, I have to beg to share theirs)

Last things to do before we batten down the hatches; finish decluttering garage and stable, carting in the woodpile and I hope, hope, to get a proper ceiling on my former tack room to use it for storage of my craft supplies to also declutter the studio a bit. Cracks in the barn ceiling creates a steady drizzle of dust and stuff which is a nuisance to say the least. But I need help with that.

So today is more active procrastination to avoid cleaning: Instagram and silly videos. I keep meaning to make proper nice videos of the landscape around us, but every summer I forget. I simply can’t hold everything on my ideas list at the front of my mind, I guess.

And now I suppose I really should go upstairs to find my table and make those pigment samples for you!

5 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. It sounds like you have lovely cosy days ahead! Winter has just ended here and a beautiful dreamy spring is unfurling.

  2. The swallows are very active here too – as they prepare to leave the juvenile starlings have arrived ready to feast on the blackberries and leave purple droppings everywhere. Meanwhile, chez Fincham it’s too hot again, would you believe it, and I’ve just had to retreat indoors.

    Lovely to see a video of your place – more please!

    1. Thanks, I’ll try to remember. It’s quite fun to make too, like the ones I did with the ponies a couple of years ago.

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