Last time I spoke to you at 8 am, it was dark as a witches’ cauldron. Now this:

Just in from my morning walk and met up with the little band of deer that spend a lot of time in my big horse paddock.

We don’t often see more than a couple together, but this is a flock of 9-10. I spotted them just outside the garden gate the other day and snapped them through the window, but as soon as I went outside *I* was of course spotted.

I see them every day now, but they stay alert and usually a few hundred meters ahead. (wondering if I should pull down all the fences to give me better photo angles allround)

7 thoughts on “Graze

  1. So lovely. We have a small family that regularly visits through the night, usually caught on our security cameras, but once in awhile seen in the flesh.

  2. Beautiful animals and really nice photographs (by the way, I love your blue gate). We had two deer trapped on our estate, I bet they were the ones who ate my special German rose’s buds – I wasn’t impressed!

    1. Oh I meant the horse fences, they walk right through those. I get so annoyed by those white lines in my photos. Actually, they enter the garden as well, despite fences…

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