WIP Wednesday 1

A few detail shots of a large painting in progress, from various stages, first in a series called “Whispers from the Void” that I’m planning. (but we all know what the Universe thinks about plans) This piece is called “Brotherhood” at the moment, reflecting the quote written in alien script on one of the first layers.

I’m experimenting with different marks, how they make me feel, how they can add depth, and just how many I can add before it gets too busy and has to be covered up. Then how do I cover them up without a simple opaque white-out? I enjoy the challenge of keeping what’s there and work with it, rather than give up and start over as soon as there is a problem. It takes a lot longer, and sometimes my paintings stew in mid process for a very long time, but it is what it is. I rarely perform well in a rush.

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