Studio project 1

Half a hayloft. Slow going, but it’s this, NOW, or I go nuts. I really need to be able to choose my quiet times to be able to work, not wait for it to be granted.

Clearing, cleaning, more cleaning, lots of cleaning, then starting with those candy cane bales of insulation that you can spot in the back.



Because this just isn’t working for me on so many levels.


Or this


As usual I’m struggling with my inner pace vs. outer, such as a pinched sciatic nerve or whatever it is that happens with my SI once in a while, lately going on 6 weeks and I can barely walk my left leg by now. Trying to feel compassionate about it rather than angry or “brave” = pushy. I want so much to be doing instead of being, which often feels synonymous to “sitting on my bum wasting time”.

And I want so badly to get to the point where I can clean that loft and go buy building supplies! But I’m not going to break the bank until I know for certain that it will be happening. I’ll be taking my rest too, I promise. Not much of a choice, really. Slow going. Possibly this is my body making sure I don’t exhaust myself. 😉

Normally I’d be so annoyed(-ing) and driven, but this time I’m trying for a lesson in tenderness. (resisting temptation to insert sarcastic, humorous comment here)

Planning for an area of 5×7 meters. The floor will be done last, so I won’t be moving the looms until I know how well the roof insulation works. And proper windows! But a dust free storage area / tool garage with no limitations as paint splatter goes will be a big improvement in itself.



17 thoughts on “Studio project 1

  1. It would be wonderful for you to have a “creative loft” like that! I wish you well and the health to get this project done! Have you nobody around to give you a hand? Such a space would make a great difference to your creative energies, I am sure!

    1. Thanks! I’ll have help for the building and for removing heavy objects. Just have to wait until various helpers have the time. 🙂

  2. Hope this project comes to fruition soon, having a space away from all the distractions when our ‘studio space’ is in the same place we live in…..and clean, and cook, and have visitors, can be difficult. As you know, finally I am building a small studio so that I can have a separate and intentional place to keep all my stuff and to work without these distractions. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!! I truly hope the loft turns into a space you can retreat to and do the work you love. It looks like a great space and you are lucky to have a structure already in place to work with. Even if this project takes time, it’s worth it. The studio here is taking it’s time too! Good luck with this Pia, I’m rooting for you, and hope you feel better soon. Glad you are being tender to yourself and resting when needing to. I have to work on this concept myself. Best to you, denise

    1. Yes, even if a craft space benefits from some form of order, it’ll be nice to be able to leave things out until they are done, not when you need the space for something else, like dinner.

      Hope yours wil come along well also!

  3. What a wonderful space! I can just envision the studio you’ll create here and how peaceful it’ll be–I’m envious! Do go slowly, though, and put your health first.

    1. It’s incredibly filthy up there and I really should be wearing a mask at all times. It’s also about 50 C in summer! I hope the insulation will even that out, in all seasons.

      It’s been something I’ve craved for a long time, a room that is mine only. I keep my craft stuff all over the house but it’s not the same when you have to “flee” from room to room when you want to concentrate on something!

  4. Muligheder … jeg ser muligheder.
    Mht ischias-nerven, lån, stjæl, køb … et eksemplar af “Stretching” af Sven Anders Sølveborn. Den er bare supergod.

    1. Tak for tipset, den vil jeg huske. Det lykkedes mig faktisk at få lavet tilstrækkeligt med stræk her i formiddag til at få benet nogenlunde i orden til den bytur jeg havde lovet min mor, nu skal jeg bare lige have lavet dem igen efter turen hjem i bil. 😉

  5. Whoa – that looks wonderful. I wish I had a space I could even contemplate about transforming thus. If I had not recently acquired two folding tables that I can use as panel prep area in the middle of the living room, I would not be able to create the artwork I do, I’m so happy for you – I hope it all turns out perfectly! Might I suggest true daylight lighting in there to overcome the few windows?

    1. I hope to install at least 4 proper skylights, the two that you see are just semi clear roof plates, some sort of fiber. Not sure if it’s very thick plastic or what, the roof is from the 60’s. But we’ll get an electrician to install proper wires too for light fixtures, I’m really picky about getting proper white light, not yellow.

  6. What a fabulous work space you’re going to have. I too have been waiting a long time for mine, but it’s finally happening; just the skirtings to go in now. Mine has to double as an occasional guest room so we’ve put a sofa bed in there – handy for sitting contemplating! Also, it will force me to tidy up a bit when we do have visitors! Good luck with yours, and hope you’re better soon so you can enjoy it.

    1. I’m thinking I need a comfy chair also, to sit and contemplate next steps, look through books or simply rest a bit. We do have a sofabed that was exiled when I bought my big loom, but I can’t imagine how we’d get it up there without a crane…

  7. I am so very jealous of your space!! I can’t wait to see it when it is complete. The lighting is decadent!! I hope your legs and nerves feel better. I’ve never felt sciatic nerve pain on that level before, but it was injured after I fell off a ladder some years ago. Occasionally this baby pushes down on the nerve and I feel it all over again, just a taste of how it used to be, and it wasn’t even that bad– so I hope it passes very soon and you are able to get on with the speed you desire. 🙂

    1. I’ll make sure to update on the progress! I really hope it’ll happen this year, I’m going nuts trying to fit my projects in the house as well as not choosing when and where I can be alone and concentrate for extended measures of time.

      G is starting his vacation on Monday and my brother just got back from his, so I’m hoping for some muscle the next few weeks to get a good start.

  8. Between my ME and my arthritis I know how you feel, and now I have high blood pressure to add to the mix and I swear that’s really because I get so frustrated with what I can’t do (and with my super forgetful husband, but that’s a whole other story). But you have such tenacity Pia, you’ll get there x

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