Marigold – Morgenfrue 2015


I know I said not to bother with Calendula officinalis, but as I was ridding my sadly very small weld patch from a dandelion infestation, I realized I had stopped at solar dyeing last time and couldn’t remember that I’d ever done a hot dye bath.

So off with their heads and into the pot, now that I had a fresh supply of mordanted yarn.


No, not the dandelions this time round, although I do seem to get good colour from the leaves. But let’s face it, there will always be dandelions.

Just the one skein and an unweighed amount of marigold blossoms. 2:1 or 3:1 perhaps? Didn’t do much, so I went and picked a couple more handfuls. Well, those pastels I was talking about last week? Here ya go. Nothing you can’t get from a dozen other plants, so my previous advice stands. In fact the hank is wet in this photo for the sake of getting on with my day, so I assume it will be even paler by afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Marigold – Morgenfrue 2015

  1. If you print, eco dye with the flower heads they work well, maybe you just need a very high concentration of heads to water which probably doesn’t make it worth while for yarn.
    Dead buddhlia heads produce wonderful yellows.

  2. Det var ikke meget farve. SÃ¥ er morgenfrueblomsterne bedre anvendt i salvekrukken.

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