Lincoln green 1

I created this post 2 years ago with the intention of writing a series devoted to different procedures. But my woad crops failed and other stuff happened, as per usual, and here we are. So while waiting for black paint to arrive some time in the distant future; in between holiday house chores, I have a bit of green for you.

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Colour survey


I came upon 4 cones of chenille some time ago and the colour just never made me happy. I simply wanted to know if anything interesting could be made with this type of yarn. Anyway, I decided to get some fiber reactive dyes and see if I could change my aversion. Continue reading “Colour survey”

A little spin

Did you begin to think I’d given up on all the yarny stuff? Not so – just part of the cycle, a bit of this, some more of that, and on it goes.

It’s been so long since I’ve made yarn, because building the studio, because sciatica, because kittens vs. wheel climbing. Nearly had to give it a miss this time too because of a “sprained” wrist, but luckily it resolved itself with a day on ice. Continue reading “A little spin”


Yesterday I decided to do a test round making my own paper. I’d bought a small deckle to begin with thinking it would be post card sized, and it was – on the outside! The actual papers turned out to be only 12 x 7½ cm. I also think I may not like the fine silk screen used, it takes forever to drain the water. So I’m going to have to make my own deckle after all I guess and have some mosquito netting I’ll try for that. Once I get some wood.


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