Today we said goodbye to our friend Molly, who has joined her “brother” Max in the big beyond.

I’m sitting here in a dark, empty house feeling very, very strange about life, the universe and everything. These events always hit me hard, whether expected or not. I wanted to reply to your comments on my previous post but I’m not really feeling up to it right now – thank you all the same for responding!

At least I won’t have my Xmas ruined as it’s just another day for me – I do wish there’d been something interesting on tv though!

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June 2012, goodbye to Max
June 2012, goodbye to Max

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    1. Thanks. Lots of little habits are now changing, for instance I can now sleep in the morning with no tail banging the wardrobe door; not as much of a blessing as I’d have thought in these times with less than 7 hours of daylight, I’m losing a few productive hours, LOL!

    1. Thank you. You know how they become an integrated part of your little daily routines, very strange to adapt to these new kind of days!

    1. Thanks. And yes, they were truly a blessing, they have such short lives and yet it’s like they’ve been with you forever!

  1. Hi Pia,
    We seem to know and understand from the beginning of every-life force that there is an end. This still does not make losing a loved one easy. I think the intimacy we share with our dogs, for they know our every mood and feeling, presents such grief when they pass.The space they share in our living world, our own personal world, carries such significance, when they move on, we feel deeply the emptiness. Our old dog, Boreal, has had a tough winter this year. He is 14. He is such a good dog, such a good friend. Molly and Max both had the great reward of landing in your life and care….what a joy and privilege. For this……all can be grateful. Caring thoughts being sent your way.

    1. They certainly do, and just like people, none are forgotten. I don’t care that some consider them lesser creatures.

  2. I can imagine how sad you must feel and how lots of little things will now change. I am saying this thinking of the big part that our dog (my first pet ever) plays in our life and how often during the day we relate to him. In his markings he looks a bit like your Molly, he is an English Shepherd and has quite long hair and a bushy tail. All the best for you and for Molly on her onward journey.

    1. Is he on your page? I’d love to see him. It’s remarkable how many little activities a day relate to them, and I keep forgetting that I’m not supposed to do it now.

      1. It is intentional, for a while. Since I’m so down in the dumps, I’m too afraid that people will mix up my depression with self-pity, start to tell me that, with me then feeling the need of having to explain myself even more than I already do. Whew, that was a complicated sentence! Hopefully it’s still understandable! LOL!

        1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s not a matter of “just” picking yourself up and follow all the clever suggestions. And the last thing you need is wasting your energy on defending yourself. Hugs!

  3. Really sorry to hear you lost Molly. You’ll feel better after some time, but I’m not sure when… I lost my dog in May last year and what am I doing now? Looking at your Molly’s photos and crying my eyes out… Well, I’m sure we’ll all meet again and this is the only thought that makes this life bearable. Sending you my love. K. xxx

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever quite heal those little holes in my heart, but otoh perhaps I would not like to be a person who was unaffected….

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. They were such gorgeous creatures, full of joy. I still sometimes cry for my pets who are now gone. I wish there was something more I could say except I’m sending thoughts of healing and hugs your way.

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