A tiny frost

Just visiting for a few days before the gloom and rain descends on us again. Forecast says snow tonight, so if I’m lucky perhaps a little photosession tomorrow before it’s gone.

It’s dawn just now, lovely pinks (and me in my jammies, not going out!) and somebody is shooting heavy fireworks nearby, nothing to see, just boom, crack, bang. Geez people! At least the dog won’t be terrified this time.

18 thoughts on “A tiny frost

  1. Wonderful photographs! I must confess I can’t stand fireworks, its not so bad if everyone just keeps to the one night of the year that everyone uses them, but when they go on for months afterwards … its really unfair.

    1. They’ve passed a law here that you can only use them for a few days, but of course there is always someone who gets itchy fingers. I don’t understand why it’s fun in broad daylight however!

    1. Thanks, and likewise! I did manage to make a tiny video of my ponies in the snow the other day (all gone now), like yours they were busy scraping for grass. I’ll see if I can get it cut and uploaded.

  2. Hi Pia. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to looking around. Oh these poppies this post! Beautiful photos.

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