Studio project 7

A little bit of progress since my last images 2 months ago. I was hoping to have made the first storage shelf this weekend, which is why I’d painted one end, but since it turns out that I’m not strong enough to paint a whole room in one session or even a quarter of it, I’m just going to keep doing every bit as the drywall goes up. And then I can get rid of the boardwalk, making it possible to paint the rest of the slanted ceiling without bending my neck out of proportion. Yes, I’m all about thinking in steps at the moment, what’s next, and next…

So I’ll be getting there one wall at a time and then I can have my life back. 😉 I’ve been quite surprised just how much of my creative energy this project has used as well as lasting twice as long as anticipated. I’m usually pretty good at making estimates – but of course I didn’t count on my back being extra wonky either.

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In the meantime I’ve wound another warp for the loom, just a simple blanket project that I’d like to get out of my hair and the yarn out of my way. I’ll show you when I manage to weave it.


I’ve also been really on the edge of my seat to begin painting again. So I’ve fetched down a few colours and some of my itty bitty canvasses for some fun. Just in case.


17 thoughts on “Studio project 7

  1. Det bliver bare SÅ fint når du når hele vejen igennem! Det bliver da også en ekstra glæde at sidde der ved væven bagefter og se sig omkring og vide: Det har jeg lavet!
    Ønsker dig god vind og mange kræfter 🙂

  2. Åh, hvor ser det bare godt ud. Jeg håber at det smukke vejr giver dig fornyede kræfter. Varme tæpper i brogede farver er godt for humøret og varmen lige nu.

    1. Bare jeg ikke behøver gå ud i det, så er det fint, hehe.

      Men jeg begynder at kunne skimte enden på det hele, det hjælper.

  3. that is going to be such a beautiful space! And yes, everything takes longer than we estimate when it comes to construction, doesn’t it?

    1. Well, at least when you have rubber arms. My mind seems to still believe it’s 1996 when it comes to stamina etc. 😉

    1. Whenever I get impatient and do a little bit more then I pay and can’t work for weeks. So I’ve learned my lesson. And, well, it’s dark so I only get help on weekends anyway. So it’s good that I can now zip up to put filler in a few cracks for just half an hour a day during the week or paint a small section.

      Doesn’t prevent me from hardly thinking about anything else all day though.

  4. Oh my goodness, these photos really start to bring the progress together. The space is beautiful!

      1. I would have to do that very regularly to be honest. I get too tied up in the process and for get to see the beginning and end game.

  5. Such things take time… It’s really good that you can always look at the photo of what everything looked like before. (It’s amazing how much you’ve already done!) I can see that this is a #studiostory with a mega happy ending. K. xxx

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