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I’ve been floundering all week, too physically exhausted to do anything with my ideas and plans, not just painting the last bit of ceiling in my loft, but even knitting, doodling or weaving. But I guess it’s ok, once I’m done up there my muscles can recover and my mind will also have freed a few extra gears for new projects. It’s a good thing I didn’t know how long I’d be away from everything or I wouldn’t have started! In other words, I didn’t make very good of my threat to get messy yet.

I’ve been seeing this guy around a lot, very distinct with the white plumage. Quite often on the garden fence pretending to not keep an eye on our feeders for the little guys. I’ve been wondering if I could rig my camera outside and use the remote to get better shots than through the windows.

I did manage to get my latest warp on the loom and everything tied up correctly – that is, I forgot to rewrite it to a walking sequence rather than 96 times left leg alone then 96 times right leg alone. Duh. But I’ll see how it goes before crawling under there and redoing 64 cords.


I have some more ideas on how to mix variegated yarns with this pattern to create a patchwork look, heaven knows if I’ll ever weave them all, but at least my brain is functioning somewhat despite the fog. 😉 That means I should be up and running in no time when I’m finally done with the stoodio.


Ok, perhaps not quite running; got the results of my MRI and I do in fact have a herniated disc. Not large, but pointing in the general direction of my left sciatic nerve, so there. I’m actually relieved, as I feel this is a far better diagnosis than osteoarthritis in my SI joint, which could only have gone downhill. And as it’s been a while since I’ve had as severe pains as the first few months after it occured, my guess is that it’s already in the process of reabsorbtion, I just need to give it time and get back to my proper exercises instead of bending over drywall with a knife and jigsaw every weekend…. SIX MORE PIECES TO GO PLUS WINDOW CASING! WOOT!

Some of my leftovers yarn fabrics, waiting for a photo op to happen. And probably even longer for being turned into something. Like, when I can lift my arms again.

In the meantime, many cups of tea happening on the couch while emptying the library of books on certain topics I want to research to prepare for a few of my new ideas. “Research” mostly meaning looking at the pictures for now. 😉

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      1. And with the new pain meds I can actually do a round of painting in the morning and not feel anything until much much later! ROFLMAO

  1. Love the quote, Pia! Glad to hear you have a diagnosis for your back pain, and hopefully one that will self -heal a bit in time. I am hoping that very soon, posts ( yours and mine) will hail from these studio spaces we have been longing for. You are already at the painting stage…that’s great!!! The woodstove is going in ours, so toasty warm in there, and I have been carting a few projects out to work on ( though there is still so much work to finish). Your photos are wonderful!

    1. I was going to ask our chimney sweep about woodstoves, but it wasn’t the regular guy last time, so I didn’t. Somehow I suspect it won’t be approved in a hayloft…. (and no approval = no insurance)

      1. I think if I were to have insurance on the studio, I would also have to have an alternative heat source. In the house we only burn wood as well, though we do have a monitor that sits unused and pacifying the insurance company. I have actually considered a gas monitor for the studio, I am not so keen on going out doors and through the woods a bit in the middle of the night to stoke the fire. if may just be what I do…no water pipes in there so nothing to freeze, but a bit chilly possibly if way down below zero the night before. trying to keep things simple…mostly…trying not to clutter things up in there!!! I have a habit of cramming lots of things in a small place, seriously trying to deny myself the temptation of doing this! Can’t wait to see pictures of your studio with you and looms in it!!

        1. Since the stable building and the actual house are built onto each other, a fire started in the hay loft would spread and ruin everything, voiding existing insurance on buildings and belongings, so I’m not taking any chances.

          Right now I have a small electrical stove with a timer set for the coldest hours at 3-6 am, and that seems to do a lot more than you’d expect.

          Gas ovens create a lot of moisture.

  2. You always manage to sound upbeat even when things are not going quite as you’d like! The news about your back is good–go easy on it! Is that a hawk?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a Common Buzzard. Most of them are uniform dark brown, but there are light ones too in varying degrees, it’s the first I’ve seen. Mind you, not being any kind of bird nerd I had to look that last bit up. Not a goshawk, I’m pretty sure about that. Did an animation on those once.

      And I know I whine about my pains a lot, but I’m not really depressed or anything, they’re just mini temper tantrums and then I get on with it. 😀

  3. Flotte vævede stykker og sikke et fornemt besøg 😀 Jeg håber de sidste stykker gipsvæg ikke tager livet af din ryg.

    1. Jo, en lys musvåge, jeg er enig. De er totalt flotte og som du siger fås de i froskellige farver. De er ret territoriale, så du får nok glæde af den længe endnu.

  4. I love how you say you haven’t been doing much, and then your weaving project is an 8-shaft plaid double weave! That’s like saying, “Oh, I cook once in a while — seven course dinners with appropriate wines for 50 people. No biggie.”

    I wanted to ask you about the striped twill piece on top in the last photo. I did an article with (what I think is) that threading in Weaver’s magazine back in the 90s, and then they reprinted it in a book on twills later. Do you think that could have been where you got the draft? It would be so cool if we had a connection that we didn’t know about, that far back.

    1. That would indeed have been fun! But it’s a draft I just played around with on my tablet, the warp was wound just after I got my first floor loom in 2014 and I changed my mind about those twill combinations 100 times. In the end I just wanted to get it over with and did “something”.

      If it sounds like I do a lot, it’s because I tell you everything, LOL. So I did some stuff Monday and could hardly wake up from the fog all Tuesday. Kept having pieces of firewood jump out of my hands trying to throw them in the stove. I seem to remember I could do these things AND have a job at the same time. What I do have is lots of time to think, so that probably gives me the impression that if I’m not doing all the things happening in my head it must be that I’m really slow and inefficient. Perhaps my perception of what other people manage to do is skewed though.

  5. Ja kommentaren passer ikke lige til denne tråd, men jeg er bare super glad og må da skrive det med det samme 🙂
    Jeg har lige fundet din blog, fordi jeg søgte på farvning med tagetes 🙂
    Og der er da rigtig mange ting på din blog, som er interessante for mig, som plantefarver, strikker, filter, væver og senest ECO-printer, stadig som begynder på alle felter, men øvelse gør mester lærte jeg i min barndom for over 60 år siden 😉
    Læste et sted, at det var OK at skrive på dansk, så det vil jeg gøre, da det er noget nemmere for mig. Fint med dine oversatte indlæg, det går jeg ind for, også selv om det er en slags autooversættelse, det er stadig en del nemmere end hvis jeg selv skal oversætte, da det ser ud til at du læser korrektur på den 🙂
    Tak, tak, tak for din dejlige blog 🙂

    1. Hej Anonym! 🙂 Velkommen, det glæder mig, hvis der er noget her du kan bruge. Jeg er holdt op med at oversætte fordi der ikke rigtig var respons på det, men du kan altid stille spørgsmål, så skal jeg være der som en mis. Og jeg kan da måske overtales til at begynde igen, i hvert fald som resume.
      Har du selv en blog? Det lyder som om du er glad for at eksperimentere ligesom jeg, har aldrig forstået de som ikke mener man kan lære nyt efter de 40, min hjerne ææælsker at lære nye ting, det giver et kick.

      1. Jeg er helt ny i det med at “blogge” eller følge en blog, kan ikke engang finde ud af ikke at være den anonyme 😉
        Som regel forstår jeg det på engelsk, så jeg spørger bare, hvis der er noget teknisk, jeg ikke forstår. Du skal ikke oversætte for min skyld.
        Indtil jeg var 40 havde jeg jo nok at gøre med børn og arbejde, efterhånden blev der jo mere og mere tid til alt det sjove, så jeg flyttede på landet, tog jagttegn, har haft gotlændere (droppet nu da man kun kan tabe penge på får, selv om det var hyggeligt og de smager fantastisk), har genoptaget strikkeriet, har farvet mit egen garn (spundet hos Hjelholt) med plantefarver og forsøgt med lidt andre teknikker, har lært at væve og så elsker jeg at lave mad med gode råvarer (her er det vildtet virkelig går rent ind) og nu skal jeg så finde ud af det med en blog 😉
        Lene Skovgaard

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