Some plant dyeing, finally


Beginning with goldenrod from the forest, harvested at the very end of flowering. Unfortunately my own, which flowered later, have been overrun by weeds in the mean time. Continue reading “Some plant dyeing, finally”

Nettle harvest

Welcome to the next installment in our nettle-along.


This is what I managed to harvest in July, and it’s time for the next batch. I saved some of the leaves instead of feeding them to the horses, because while I don’t have time for a separate study of how to use the stalks for paper making, I do want to try to make paper and thought, why not add the dry leaves to my mixed materials bin? I’m drying my stalks inside because of the wet weather, I don’t know it that’s really necessary, but I didn’t want them to mold. Continue reading “Nettle harvest”

Finishing a task


I’m far enough into my moving process that I could actually relax and get started on some projects; still bits and pieces to sort onto the right shelves, the big loom and all its reeds and sticks are still in the house waiting for weft, a few things to be wiped for dust, then moved from the hayloft into my hopefully cleaner storage balconies.

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A housewifely day

This being another dark, rainy sort of day, nourishing the approaching summer and my salad boxes, I’m inside pretending to be useful, rather than lounging with a book in the hammock. Wait, it’s been so cold we didn’t even put that out yet!

Making jam and buttermilk bread.

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Dear diary


As you’ve noticed, I don’t have much to tell these days, but since my loom room remains under siege so often, I’m going to make an effort down here in the office rather than just sit around and wait for opportunity.

  • Patience is not about waiting; it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in.

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