It’s untrue that I can only see the garage roof from the other side of my studio. If I stand on a step stool, lean very far out of the open window and look left, I can see more of this:

It’s end of week and I’m aiming at a quiet weekend. Not something I observe habitually, but it happens to fit. Continue reading “Actually”

Warped stretcher bars


Normally they say that if a canvas won’t hang flat against the wall and wedges don’t solve the problem, restretch. If the frame itself is warped, get another.

So what do you do if you are “poor” and kept a large bundle of previously used bars in your barn for better times, and, when assembled anew, some of them warp? Continue reading “Warped stretcher bars”


Since I’ve spent so much time telling you how little I could do, I’d better counterweight that with a little progress update from the good days. Among other things I managed to grab some more photographic weather, so I now have a gazillion horse- and sunset photos to process and compile into little galleries now that it’s getting colder. Continue reading “Activities”

Crafting with kids

diy-painted-feathers-4I don’t have any and I’m actually not that keen, but I sometimes end up on websites describing projects that sound like fun, so I thought I’d share a few. Autumn holidays are soon to begin here, after that of course there’s all the other holidays coming up! I remember how nice it was to do little projects like this, must be even better these days when children are living in symbiosis with their computer…

Painted feathers

Sticker mandala

Fabric Twine

Painted sticks – use outdoors craft paints for use in the garden?

Pine cone decorations

030 024





Yesterday I decided to do a test round making my own paper. I’d bought a small deckle to begin with thinking it would be post card sized, and it was – on the outside! The actual papers turned out to be only 12 x 7½ cm. I also think I may not like the fine silk screen used, it takes forever to drain the water. So I’m going to have to make my own deckle after all I guess and have some mosquito netting I’ll try for that. Once I get some wood.


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