It’s untrue that I can only see the garage roof from the other side of my studio. If I stand on a step stool, lean very far out of the open window and look left, I can see more of this:

It’s end of week and I’m aiming at a quiet weekend. Not something I observe habitually, but it happens to fit. All week has been weird because I’ve had a time intensive dye project running – not in actual time but longterm a few hanks at a time, as well as a big carding event which is hard on my back. My painting activities are very sensitive to this, I fall out of sync with it and just spin aimlessly in place even if I have the time, unlike weaving which is something you can just start and stop at will. So right now I need to pick up the scattered pieces, make a plan, get the “chores” (yarn winding and carding) out of the way, so my mind is free again. Clear the table, start fresh. Sometimes I can multitask and sometimes I can’t, painting definitely works best if I immerse myself.

I started spinning for a rustic rug yarn today to avoid cleaning the house, but I think I better get to it now… All this means I haven’t actually got anything much to show off since Monday’s post. Hope to see you fresh next week!

Could be that I’ll be playing with my photo blog instead. You know, leaves and mushroom season. Unless I’ve caught G’s flu – I usually don’t, but some day I suppose there might be an exception!

3 thoughts on “Actually

  1. You are very busy! Somedays, I seem to move rather quickly from one project to another, then getting sidetracked by yet another task ( dishes). Too much, too many interests, too many distractions!

  2. These views are really lovely, but be careful on that step stool! K.

    P.S. Projects can be “tricky”. I seem to have lots interest in photography and painting… feel very guilty, so these days I’m trying to make myself do more of that stuff. Not sure if it works though… I guess there’s time for everything and once the right time comes, everything falls in its place.

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