Foliage of the week

– garden views for you today. I try to get my butt outside every time the weather lets up, even just for a short spell. And every year in October I just go nuts clicking at leaves, once I start I can’t seem to stop, 100’s of images and nothing to do with them! These are just the raw snaps, I hope to dive deeper into work on them later. Too many varied projects going on right now, so next task will be getting all my ducks in a row.

10 thoughts on “Foliage of the week

    1. Right now my elbows are soaking wet because on my way to dig up potatoes for dinner I spotted some teeny mushrooms in the lawn, at the same time the sun broke through for about 20 minutes. So I went for my macro lens and a blanket to see if I could capture an image or two with proper focus. Murder on my neck, but you have to seize the moment, right?

  1. Beautiful….oh, nature..she really is something! Those golds, and russets, and oranges…a favorite palette of mine. Here in Maine, we have had glorious Fall color, despite the drought. Now the weather is turning, the leaves are falling, and we winter not far away!

    1. New England fall is world famous of course and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Politics and budget permitting. šŸ˜‰

      I’d love to travel up and down and do nothing but tree photography for an entire month.

      1. Well, come along!! You can stay in our little cabin, you can come and go as you like, and we can spin some Blue Face Leicester, while sipping tea! I’m serious, I can’t however expect any great outcome with regards to the political scene here , but it shouldn’t keep you from coming! Maine seems at least a bit buffered from the worst of it and we are world known for our forests. See you soon, save your pennies!

  2. I miss the colours of the East of Canada…..but for shrubs and grasses, Alberta gets gold then BROWN, then nekkid šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing those!

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