Crafting with kids

diy-painted-feathers-4I don’t have any and I’m actually not that keen, but I sometimes end up on websites describing projects that sound like fun, so I thought I’d share a few. Autumn holidays are soon to begin here, after that of course there’s all the other holidays coming up! I remember how nice it was to do little projects like this, must be even better these days when children are living in symbiosis with their computer…

Painted feathers

Sticker mandala

Fabric Twine

Painted sticks – use outdoors craft paints for use in the garden?

Pine cone decorations

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13 thoughts on “Crafting with kids

  1. You don’t have any? How can you say this? You have loads of furrrry ones! Of course it might be hard for them to do crafts with their little paws or hooves, but you could always have a go… K.

    1. Well, at least one of my past cats was artistic. I opened my front door (that magic front door again) one morning to collect the mail and on the first step were 3 severed mouse heads arranged perfectly in a row, pointing the same way, eyes open and shiny, looking like they were still alive. Some truly bizarre installation, I tell you. I can only wonder what the postman must have thought of it. (unless of course he did it, in which case I don’t want to know!)

      1. Hmm… You got me wondering now…
        What if it really was your postman!? Maybe all of these years you’ve been thinking bad of your cat… (Although how could we think bad of our cats? It’s just instinct, right?)

          1. Since leaving mouse and rat remnants in front of doors is actually quite the norm in this house, headless, flayed, regurgitated or otherwise, sometimes just a tiny foot, I think I’ll be going with the artistic cat for now. šŸ˜‰

  2. looks absolutely amazing totally goals
    i love your blog sooooo much
    if you want can you please check out my blog, its not as good as yours but i hope you could give me some feedback so i can improve
    love the projects i will definitely try some

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The best blogging advice I can give you is be yourself and just throw yourself at it, try things out until you find your voice. šŸ™‚

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