Sweater SAL 3


It’s knitweek at the cottage, so I finally managed to assemble my handspun sweater. Just have to weave in all the ends etc on this thing. I’m no grand knitwear designer, but it’s warm. I knit a double collar with silk to protect my dainty neck from scratchies.

Now for the second Shetland project, for which I need to dye more wool first, then spin.

Spindeforenings SAL del 3

Fiks og færdig pÃ¥nær et par løse ender – ikke sÃ¥ køn, men varm, med silke i halsen for at beskytte mit sarte skind.

7 thoughts on “Sweater SAL 3

    1. Thanks. I’m not happy with my seaming abilities, but it’s so satisfying to make something from scratch (apart from actually shearing the sheep, which I’d learn in a heartbeat if I had to)

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