I turned the electrics off in the bathroom floor, the only heating source we use besides the wood stove. Because we had a couple of really nice days and it’s APRIL, so now I refuse to turn it back on.

But frankly it’s still chilly, stormy, grey and even rainy, so winter activities have not changed in here, no matter how everyone elses juices seem to be rising. (just had a trio of hares fencing right outside this window and of course my camera battery is out for charging since I’ve mislaid the other!)

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Some yarny updates

Just a little collection of things I’ve been fiddling with since December, while running on half my usual steam. Just simple stuff, not very innovative but still making and learning, to help me keep up my spirits. I find this to be the best tactic for me, if I can’t unmuddle my concentration / imagination I can practise technical stuff or get some of the “administrative” tasks done (making a catalogue of my e-books and weaving videos so that I actually use them, for instance). I just don’t do well with staring at the ceiling for weeks, and I refuse to watch tv!

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Back on the loom

Purple warp turned around in a completely different configuration. Yeah, I know I’m the only one who will notice 😉

While I’m trying to get back in a painting groove, it’s nice to have something else to do waiting for layers to dry, so I don’t just end up here, clicking, losing time and mind.



Otherwise just a pretty lazy Saturday. I should get my rain gear and go water the strawberries! (because the hose is leaking on me) I need to soften and till the ground a bit so I can sow some lettuce.

What with headaches and feeling fed up with house work I’m way behind on the weeding, and they’re threatening to take over my projects. But I’m hoping for a bit of rain to help me, hacking away at concrete will amount to very little besides more headaches and sore hands! And I don’t want to run the sprinkler all over the garden for it. (especially because I tend to forget about it and let it run for 3 hours in the same spot)