Back on the loom

Purple warp turned around in a completely different configuration. Yeah, I know I’m the only one who will notice 😉

While I’m trying to get back in a painting groove, it’s nice to have something else to do waiting for layers to dry, so I don’t just end up here, clicking, losing time and mind.



Otherwise just a pretty lazy Saturday. I should get my rain gear and go water the strawberries! (because the hose is leaking on me) I need to soften and till the ground a bit so I can sow some lettuce.

What with headaches and feeling fed up with house work I’m way behind on the weeding, and they’re threatening to take over my projects. But I’m hoping for a bit of rain to help me, hacking away at concrete will amount to very little besides more headaches and sore hands! And I don’t want to run the sprinkler all over the garden for it. (especially because I tend to forget about it and let it run for 3 hours in the same spot)

4 thoughts on “Back on the loom

    1. Only way to learn these things, unless you just follow somebody’s recipe to the dot. And we all know how well I don’t do with that….. :mrgreen:

  1. that is one gorgeous weaving so far!! and those cat pictures… aw, just make me want to curl in bed and be lazy all day. hope the migraines cease… i’ve only had about three before total, and i know they are brutal.

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