Sunday swatch

It’s been a while since we had one of these – inspired by my current cat gang. I don’t know what I’ll be using this swatch for yet, something yarny.


En farvepalet inspireret af mine 3 (selv)fede hankatte. Hvad den ellers skal bruges til må tiden vise.



4 thoughts on “Sunday swatch

    1. First two are nose colours, next two are eyes. The little white one has ice blue eyes, lighter actually and not as baby blue as the square turned out. And I haven’t yet got any good pix of it.

    2. I also probably should have set up the swatch differently, the idea as it is, vaguely floating around my brain, is not to use all in one item, rather a series of items in either black, white, slate, muted browns/tan, some sort of green, pale ice blue and pale dusty rose – or a combination of 2-3 at a time. Or maybe it just looks better live on the cats, slate grey with brilliant green eyes!

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