No yarn

The weather is too dark and dreary to be taking photos today, so you’ll have to wait a while for the first dye results I promised.

Instead I stumbled across an old photo, it was scanned from a negative many years ago when internet connections were much slower and hard drives a lot smaller, so I don’t have these images any larger.

I never could decide which version I liked the best, how about you? (maybe you don’t like them – that’s ok too)



I have so many negatives, so even if I can’t afford a new camera house when my current fails (hoping not to jinx it here, it’s definitely a senior), I do have image material enough to last me a lifetime of play in Photoshop. I just know I’d miss the thrill of the click…. 😉

Sunday swatch

It’s been a while since we had one of these – inspired by my current cat gang. I don’t know what I’ll be using this swatch for yet, something yarny.


En farvepalet inspireret af mine 3 (selv)fede hankatte. Hvad den ellers skal bruges til må tiden vise.



Elvis is in the building!

Or, well, he seems to be turning into an Arthur, actually.

So, once in a while life throws temptations at you. I hope this little fella will like it here and become as good a mouse trapper as the rest of the gang (not including Hannibal who thinks raw food is yucky).

Right now the other two boys, Hannibal and Dalton, are pished and jealoux and just plain offended that a little worm like that is trying to take over their bestest nap spot (AKA me). I do hope Dalton can use him to play and sleep with, because he keeps trying to persuade the old geezer, and he’s just not having any of that sort.

Better photos when he’s settled in a bit.

Postman was good today

Brought me a batch of Shetland top from World of Wool for my sweater projects, some silk hankies and a set of extra-fine Valkyrie combs from The Whorl’s End. My homemade crude set with nails just doesn’t always cut it….

Now I can straighten out that blue merino that I accidentally dyed with a bit too much detergent in it, causing some stickyness. I’ll see if I can’t sort it before blending with the other colours for my spinning project.

Nice surprise speedy delivery after a few days under the weather. But at least I’m making progress on my reversible sweater! Which means of course soon I’ll have not 2 sleeves to finish, but 4 once again and at least 3 project in line! I guess I need to recover from my sleeve syndrome

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Postmand Per på besøg

Fik lige en dejlig pakke med silk hankies og mere Shetlænder fra World of Wool til mine sweaterprojekter. Og sÃ¥ kom jeg lige til at bestille et par Extra-fine Valkyrie kamme fra The Whorl’s End

Jeg kom til at farve en tot merino med lidt for meget sæbe i, så det er en anelse filtet. Bare lidt, jeg håber kammene kan løsne det, så jeg kan blande med de andre farver jeg havde planlagt.

Skønt med lidt opmuntring efter et par flade dage på sofaen, men i det mindste har jeg nået lidt på min omvendesweater. Det betyder så bare, at i stedet for at mangle 2 ærmer, bliver der snart 4 igen, og jeg har mindst tre nye projekter i kø! Så jeg må se at komme mig over mit syndrom